On the 25th August 2000, the Royal Australian Navy paid tribute to the Clearance Diving Branch with the dedication of a permanent memorial to those Clearance Divers, "who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to their country." Before a large audience of serving Clearance Divers, former members of the Branch, family members and invited guests, the dedication ceremony took place in the grounds of the present RAN Diving School, at HMAS PENGUIN, overlooking Sydney’s Middle Harbour.

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Constructed from sandstone blocks that once formed the retaining sea wall at HMAS RUSHCUTTER – home to the Navy’s first diving school – the memorial features the CD emblem of a diving helmet carved in high relief into the sandstone together with two brass plaques. One lists the history of the Clearance Diving Branch; the other bears the names of those to whom the memorial is dedicated.

Proving that their motto "United And Undaunted" is more than empty rhetoric, those taking part in the service represented each chapter in the achievements of the Clearance Diving Branch: Included former Cmdr. ‘Jake’ Linton, BEM, and CPO Bill Fitzgerald, OAM, both of whom completed the first of the RAN’s intensive Clearance Diving training programmes in 1955.

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T.W. ALDRIDGE  12 Apr 1957
R.G. CREASY 24 Oct 1961
J.N. INGRAM 16 Apr 1962
W. KOLUS 00 Mar 1965
J.T. HALES 10 Aug 1967
K.B. HISLOP 10 Aug 1967
W. SAGORNY 00 Aug 1967
B.K. WOJCIK 21 Jun 1970
A.R. DEMPSTER 19 Feb 1971
R. DONNE 0  Aug 1972
C.L. McFARLANE 20 Jul 1976
W. BELL 00 Dec 1979
E.C. CALLISTER 01 Jul 1983
S. SCHOLES 00 Sep 1983
A. HARE 30 Mar 1984
R.S. BLUE 15 Sep 1985
A. MACDONALD 00 Mar 1987
G. BARNES 08 Oct 1994
J.B. CARTER 29 Aug 1999
V. CARROLL 16 Apr 2009